MyFitnessPal: 9 Ways to Feel Less Judged at the Gym

Heading into a gym can feel intimidating to anyone with newly minted gym registrations. It’s not only the supersized men, but muscular women with fit-looking bodies who often also turn women off — and these women may never return to the gym again. According to a new study by Fitrated, 65% of women do not attend a gym because they fear judgment from others.


POPSUGAR: Learn Your Target Heart Rate

Whether you run, bike, swim, or lift, knowing how to find your target heart rate can help you achieve maximum results. You might be asking: What is a resting heart rate? What's a maximum heart rate? Can this math help make the most of every workout? Knowing your heart rate cues can help you work smarter, instead of harder, and see results faster. 


Sparkpeople: 8 Warning Signs That You're Losing Weight Too Quickly

When it comes to rapid weight loss, there may ultimately be some trade-offs for those seemingly miraculous results. When the pounds disappear quickly, it’s important to watch for warning signs and evaluate nutrient and calorie intake to determine whether it’s necessary to slow your weight-loss roll.


HealthyWay: Fitness Motivation Tips For Days When You Just Can’t Even

Struggling to find your fitness motivation?It’s hard to tap that motivational well when all I want to do is eat candy and take a nap, but according to one study, just two weeks of inactivity is enough to reduce muscle mass, slow metabolism, & more. Experts share their advice for working out when you’d rather not.


SDVoyager: Life & Work with Cassy Velez

SDVoyager Magazine interviews Cassy on how she became a Personal Trainer & Health Coach. In the article, Cassy shares her transition from working at an agency to pursuing her passion, road blocks she encountered along the way, & her biggest inspiration.


SparkPeople: Trainers Reveal 10 Medicine Ball Moves

When you're feeling bored or blah, exercise is the best medicine—which explains how this centuries-old fitness accessory got its name. Medicine balls have been around since the days of ancient Greece. Today, you can find them in practically every gym and for good reason.


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