Let's Get Healthy As F***

Weight Loss Coaching For Women Who Hate Restrictions

Lose weight & develop a consistent nutrition & workout lifestyle free of restriction in 90 days

Do you want to finally lose the weight once and for all and still be able to eat the food you love?

If you're sick of...

  • Dreading every doctor’s visit for fear of bad news or another lecture on your health,
  • Panicking when friends ask you to go to a spin class or take a hike because you can’t keep up.
  • Constantly hopping from Weight Watchers to Keto to the other latest diet trend because you don't know EXACTLY how to eat to achieve your weight loss goals.
  • Comfort eating in front of the television every night because you're bored or sad or tired.
  • Feeling insecure when you have to shop for new clothes or dress up for an event.
  • Breaking the promises you’ve made to yourself every year for several years.

Well, get ready to...

  • Be able to eat pizza and go on vacation and still reach your weight loss goals.
  • Have the energy and stamina to travel, go on hikes, or play volleyball at the beach.
  • Walk into the gym with confidence knowing exactly what exercises to do and how to do them.
  • Be confident in your body and mind.
  • Finally live and be FREE of the weight that’s held you back for so long.
  • Keep that promise you made to yourself years ago.


I’m a certified Weight Loss Coach & Personal Trainer who helps women lose the weight once and for all, step into the gym with confidence, and still eat some bomb a** food. ←- This is important because I’m a HUGE foodie and lover of all food. I don’t discriminate.

Why did I create this program?

Well, growing up, I always had a strong love of food (particularly pizza, ice cream, cake, McDonald’s, oreo milkshakes...you get the idea) and a strong distaste for anything physical that made me sweat. You couldn't pay me enough to go to a gym. 

Coming from a family where a lot of my female relatives are overweight and suffer from various health issues, once I was older I quickly realized that I needed to change some of my habits. I was gaining weight and needed to take back control.

After that, I dove head first into taking nutrition courses and became a Certified Personal Trainer. Even still, I struggled for a long time with balancing my love of food, my health, and my weight. I tried everything and hopped from diet to diet. Maybe low carb would work or a detox or heavily restrict my food? Well, no. None of those things ended up working in the long term.


Now, after years of education, certifications, and trial and error, I’ve learned more about the human body and how to manage my weight without restricting foods.


Not only am I able to manage my weight, but I do that by still ordering pizza every Sunday and going out on dinner dates every week. And no, I don’t mean a cauliflower pizza crust or only ordering a salmon salad with no dressing at dinner.

You see, there is a formula that will work best for your body AND mind -- that will allow you to live your life while losing the weight. You just need the proper tools, knowledge, and someone who gets you, really supports you, and who you can connect with.

And I’m just the girl for that job ;).

90 Days to Being Healthy As F***

Sound impossible? Trust me, your “diet” isn’t going to end up working (like always) and your love of pizza probably isn’t going away -- you need something sustainable and the right support to get you there. Healthy As F*** isn’t a quick fix, it’s a lifelong approach to food, fitness, and mindset.

You’re going to be able to STOP the guessing game and know exactly how to eat and exercise to lose weight and still live your life. The best part is, it’s going to be such a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders (metaphorically and physically).


Seriously...imagine this for a second...


Imagine knowing EXACTLY what you need to do (and WHY you need to do it) to lose weight without the guessing game. Knowing how much you need to eat, what types of exercise to do, how to incorporate a happy hour or date night into your routine without fearing you’ve messed up or can only order a salad if you want to stay “on track”.


This program is going to give you food freedom.


It’s going to give you the ability to go out to eat and not have to feel like all you can order is a salad, only to go home and binge on food after because you’re so hungry and deprived. It’s going to give you the ability to not feel judged when you walk into a gym because you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing or shouldn’t be there. It’s going to give you the ability to not lay in bed at night with the fear that maybe one day your weight is going to literally be the death of you.

You’re a badass bitch, so let’s start acting like it and treating your body like it. Let’s take back control of your life and stop settling when you are destined for so much more.


To start, we’re going to do a comprehensive body, health, lifestyle, and goal assessment at the beginning to figure out a plan that’s going to work best for your body and your mind all with my 1:1 support along the way. You’ll be surrounded by a community of other women on the same journey as you for support and go through these core elements:

During this module, you're going to lay the foundation to ensure you're success throughout this entire process & beyond!

Component 1: You'll be delivered this module before the program starts and it will have your customized nutrition plan and weekly workout schedule. I'll explain each section and anything else you need to do to prepare before we start.

Component 2: Here we go! During Week 1, we'll discuss how to properly set yourself up for success. We'll go over meal prep, tracking your food intake, scheduling your workouts, and anything else you'll need in order to kickstart this new lifestyle.

Having a solid understanding of nutrition is so important so you can make educated decisions about what's best for your body and goals with CONFIDENCE!

Component 1: Nutrition Basics - Calories, Macronutrients, & Micronutrients - You'll learn all about nutrition in a way that's easy to understand and digestible (Ha! Get it?) 
Component 2: How Weight Loss ACTUALLY Works - I'm going to take the fluff and mystery out of weight loss for you and deliver the fact based information to you. It's pretty simple once you know how it actually works.
Component 3: Nutrition Myths & Diet Fads - We'll talk about the latest diet trends, why they may or may not work, and debunk a bunch of myths for you.

 Fitness is an integral part to not only weight management, but overall health. In this module, you'll learn to better understand your body and the types of exercise that are going to help you to lose weight, get stronger, & sculpt your body.

Component 1: Understanding Your Body & The Importance of Exercise - I'll give you a general overview of your muscle groups and how your body is interconnected, as well as discuss why exercise is integral for health, weight management, and sculpting your body.

Component 2: Strength Training - We'll discuss what it is, the benefits, proper form, and more.

Component 3: Cardio & Recovery (Stretching &  Foam Rolling) - You'll learn the importance of cardio, the different types of cardio, and how much you want to do and why. We'll also go over the importance of recovery in your routine.

Arguably the most important module in this program, in this section we'll dive into the mindset side of weight loss and the mental obstacles and challenges that may hold you back from achieving your goals.

Component 1: Behind the Weight Gain - Understanding the Mental & Emotional Reasoning

Component 2: How Sleep, Stress, & Overall Wellness Affect Our Weight

Component 3: Dealing with Lack of Motivation & Discipline

You'll take everything you've learned across the other modules and learn how to practically apply all of that knowledge to YOUR life and how to make changes to your nutrition or strength training routine so you continue to see results while still living and enjoying life.

Component 1: Eating Out, Events, Holidays, & Vacations

Component 2: Dealing With Weight Loss Plateaus

Component 3: Wrap Up/What Comes Next

Custom Nutrition Plan

Designed with your body, goals, lifestyle, and healthy history in mind.

Weekly Workout Plan

Comes with exercise demonstrations. These can be done at-home or at the gym.

Learning Modules

To help you easily understand the WHY behind what you’re doing so you can be confident in the choices you’re making.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Where you can ask any questions you need and lean on me and the other group members for support.

Weekly Progress Check-Ins

To share your progress and how you’re feeling. Accountability is KEY when making a big lifestyle change.


In addition to everything above, you’ll also get access to a Private Online Community where you can lean on me and the other women in the program for support, motivation, or to ask questions at any time.

"Cassy is the first person who approached my goals with patience and education. I didn't know anything about nutrition or which workouts I could do to effectively lead to weight loss. I have asthma and was terrified of cardio & she found a way to make it work. Cassy was there every step of the way helping me, encouraging me, and most importantly, TEACHING me how to reach my goals, feel stronger, and get in shape so I could keep up with my friends & coworkers. I've lost weight, gained muscle, and just ran my first 5k! I owe everything to Cassy and truly encourage anyone struggling physically and mentally the way I was to work with her."

Sam C.
Current Client | San Diego, CA

There’s probably a voice inside of your head that says:

“But I’ve tried it all in the past and always failed. Why would this be any different?”

Well, there’s a few reasons:

Most companies or programs just throw everything you need to do at you without giving you the knowledge to know WHY those things will work for you or how to customize them for your body and lifestyle.

This program will tell you exactly what you need to do and it will also educate you along the way through the weekly training modules and group coaching calls, so you can feel confident in the choices you’re making and know EXACTLY what will work to reach your goals. You will have unlimited opportunities to ask questions along the way if you’re feeling confused or stuck so we can work together to devise the best plan for you and your body.

You’re also going to have so much support and accountability, which is 100% the key that most people are missing from the equation. You CANNOT do it alone. There’s so many questions that arise along the way, obstacles, struggles, etc. that without a community and accountability, it’s almost impossible to do this. You’ll have all of that and SO MUCH MORE.

This program is for you if you:

  • Want to lose 30 pounds or more and develop a consistent exercise routine that delivers results.
  • Are ready to make the commitment to yourself & your health.
  • Want food freedom.
  • Want to feel more confident in yourself and your body.
  • Want to stop having your weight or health hold you back.


This program is NOT for you if you:

  • Aren’t willing to put yourself first and put in the work physically and mentally.
  • Are already where you want to be weight and health wise.
  • Are looking for overnight results.
  • Aren’t willing to be open to the process.
  • Aren’t willing to be held accountable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! There are modifications available for every exercise within the program, so if you need something more or less challenging, you’ll know how you can modify the exercise. If you need even more assistance modifying the workout plan to suit your needs, just reach out and we’ll work together to change it up as needed.

Yes! I want this program to be a safe space for us to truly open up and be vulnerable about our struggles with one another. While boys are great and all, they can’t quite understand or relate to all of the struggles the same way other women can.

The calls will be in the evening to best accommodate all time zones. They are also all recorded and the recording will be sent to all group members after the call. If for some reason you can’t make the call, you can feel free to send in your questions beforehand and I’ll still answer them on the call for you!

Simple -- does any of the above sound like you? Do you feel held back by your weight in any area of your life? Then this program is probably a good fit. I only work with women who I feel deeply that I can create a lasting and large change in their life. I fully believe that our health is the greatest gift we’re given on this earth, so if you’ve been accepted into the program, then I know this will be the right fit for you.

Trust me, I get it. The thing is, there’s never going to be a time when you feel 100% ready. Taking the leap is the first step in building the confidence you need to make those goals you have a reality. There may be bumps along the way, but that’s why there’s so much accountability and community support built into this program - 2 essential things that most people lack when trying to make these huge changes. You’ve got this and I’ve got you.

YES, you can! I’m living proof and my past clients are. You’ll learn more about all of this in the program, but a lot of companies and programs don’t want to tell you the truth because if you knew it, then you wouldn’t be a lifelong customer of theirs and feel the need to buy their health food products thinking they’re the “magical ticket” to weight loss. Hint: they’re not. Yes, eating your vegetables and fruits is important, but you can still have the other things too, I promise.


I know how daunting and frustrating this can be. You’re probably thinking “Holy shit! I want to do this but I’m scared!” It’s your health and your body after all, so I get it. I promise you that after this experience you will feel more confident, supported, and FREE!

Let’s f***ing do this.

Let’s finally reach that goal that you’ve had in the back of your mind for so long and be free of it once and for all. You can do this. And I’m looking forward to supporting you in getting HEALTHY AS F***.


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